Enterprise SaaS in the year 2020

Posted on Nov 16, 2018

It's now the end of 2018 and the Software-as-a-Service market is steadily growing. Around 20 years ago the very first multi-tenant SaaS applications were launched. Ten years after that SaaS ecosystem started to grow. As in any industry, it takes rather decades than years to come out with robust industry-level standards and best practices. SaaS has finally reached this status. In the year 2020 we take following statements as granted:

All enterprise SaaS solutions connect to each other

Few years ago enterprises were afraid of integrations that connected outside firewalls. Now SaaS products are all connected globally one way or another. Instead of isolated apps we have a network of tools and platforms where everything connects to everything.

Customer success is based on de-facto standards

Customer success is finally making some understandable shape in people's mind. It has long been a blurry set of activities somewhere between customer support, sales and product development, but nowadays it's more than just a mindset. It's a set of practical tools, standards and best practices that all SaaS products are based on.

Recurring sales is in the mainstream

Before Stripe, Baremetrics and other similar subscription sales tools it was surprisingly difficult to manage and measure monthly subscriptions for small vendors. Now even a one man micro-SaaS company can afford for easy subscription management tools. Recurring sales events has become mainstream not only in sales teams but also in features of the sales tools.

SaaS production is managed with agile frameworks

It’s amazing how people don’t remember that agile development frameworks were not really supported by project management tools and production frameworks a decade ago. Now everyone seems to accept that there is a product backlog, agile iterations and continuous deployment. This demand comes especially from SaaS products: deliver early, deliver fast and adapt to changes.

SaaS is much more than just a software service. It’s an ecosystem, community of vendors and growing network of interconnected enterprise solutions. SaaS model is currently driving enterprise software industry exponentially fast to the next level.

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