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Accounts, users and events

The most significant part of the data in Growhold is formed around accounts, which consists of users that are tracked with events. An account is for example your customer or a trial sign-up. User is a person that logs in to your app and belongs to an account. For single-user apps there might be only one user per account, while in multi-user apps there can be dozens of users per account. When users interact with your app, they generate events - such as "page view" or "new user invited".

  • Account status defines if your user is 1) trial or 2) converted (typically a paying customer). You may define detailed statuses such as "active trial" or "slipping away" inside these two main categories. See Setup / Customize / Account statuses.
  • Account scoring is managed with segments. When account matches to a segment with defined score, this score is added to account object. Account can belong to several segments at the same time, therefore the total score is the sum of all segments where account matches. You can use the scoring in search queries to create segments of your top accounts for example.
  • Geolocation of accounts, users and events is typically determined by IP address that is passed to API request. Geolocation defines fields such as city and country and also longitude and latitude for Google Maps component. You may also adjust these without IP geolocation matching, but the automatic IP address processing is the most common and easiest way to add geolocation.
  • Custom fields provide flexibility for details. The default set of fields includes most typical, such as description and phone number. You can add custom fields to accounts and users under Setup / Customize / Accounts and Users. These custom fields are available for user tracking and segmentation as well as for integrations.
  • Event logs can be categorized with coloured labels by matching the content of log event to a configured category. For example matching word "error" in event description can turn the event into red when event log category has been defined for this. See Setup / Customize / Event logs.
  User’s guide to Growhold


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