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Automation rules and data templates

Process automation is created with rule engine that triggers events according to schedule. A triggered event can be fore example email to user, assignment of account to sales people, adding score to account profile, Zapier zap triggered with account or user data or perhaps a status change for an account. Some use cases include (among many others):

  • Sales process automation, such as status change from "active" to "slipping away" when user has been on certain segment defined period of time
  • Email automation for trial user onboarding starting from the sign-up
  • Key account manager assignment for clients that match to a "high value customer" segment
  • Sales task assignments for account segments (for example "book a demo" when client stars using a certain feature)
  • Customer data sync to your CRM, data analytics tools or other connected apps via Zapier
  • Add a user to focused marketing email list in MailChimp after being three days active in your app
  • Notify sales when an old client returns to check your app after few months being inactive

These are just few examples. To figure out more use cases please contact us and explain your need - we are happy to help you.

Rules are applied for segments so that whenever user or account matches to segment, rule checks if triggers can be executed according to effective date. For example if segment is "all trial sign-up users" and effective date is "on signed up / created" and user signed up one week ago, the current triggers that automation matches is in "7 days" (see the screenshot above). If user did not belong to this segment before, the first triggers are simply skipped (no retroactive actions - this prevents possible mistakes).

Segment might have more than one rule at the same time, and users as well as accounts might belong to several segments. Therefore you need to be careful to understand which rule schedules might overlap and trigger events simultaneously to users.

To avoid mistakes, you can test the rule triggers before enabling the automation. In the test mode triggers are logged (visible in triggered tab under automation), but not really executed - no real email sent, no assignment done or no status change etc.

  • For email automation integrate your email gateway before sending any emails to users. You may choose from tools such as Amazon SES, Mailgun or Sendgrid.
  • For Zapier integration you need to create a Zap first before creating a rule for it.
  • Templates define what data is sent out from Growhold. A template can be for example email or data object. This template management gives you a full control over data that is sent outside Growhold.
  User’s guide to Growhold


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