User’s guide to Growhold

Dashboard and metrics

Dashboard provides goals, basic metrics and two selected segments to follow. For numbers such as MRR as well as goals and statistics there might be a 10 minute delay from actual action, depending on current load of our indexing server.

  • Goals, such as signups, customers, revenue and retention targets, are defined in your workspace settings under Setup / Customize. You may decide the timespan as well as volumes for these goals.
  • Metrics are selected from your SaaS / eCommerce metrics view. Currently you have three default metrics: Signups, Trial User Activity and Conversions. There will be soon a feature that allows you to choose freely which three metrics are visible on Dashboard.
  • Segments provide you a current overview to the most important user, account, event or subscription feed. For example recent signups or most active customers can be made visible on your dashboard. To change the segments, go to segments, then select a segment and click "pin" icon.
  User’s guide to Growhold


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