User’s guide to Growhold

Getting started

Growhold is built around two main concepts:

  • Customer segmentation with flexible query language.
  • Process automation for customer segments with simple rule engine.

In order to get these implemented, you need to connect sources where Growhold can pull the data. Typically the main data source is your SaaS or eCommerce app, which is connected to Growhold with user tracking or a third party services such as Segment.

  1. Install user tracking and other data sources to pull events from your app. Also connect a billing system, such as Stripe or Chargebee, to feed the metrics and provide better customer details (log in to Growhold and see Setup / Integrations).
  2. Define your initial user segmentation based on available data. For example "Sign-up trials", "Free users", "Paid customers", "Active past 14 days" etc. To get started, click Users, make a query and save it as a segment.
  3. Create the first automation rules for selected user segments. For example "14-day trial onboarding", or "New enterprise client assignments": Click Automation and add a new rule.
  4. Check that the goals for dashboard are relevant. You can modify them under Setup / Customize.

If you don't know how to work over these steps, or you just want to know more, please contact us and we will help. After the initial setup you can start continuously iterating and improving your processes with even further data events, segmentation and automation.

  User’s guide to Growhold


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