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Plans and subscriptions

Growhold can analyze and organize your account's subscriptions, but we do not provide any payment gateway or billing solution to handle the actual payment. All billing integrations (such as Stripe or Chargebee) in Growhold are one-way and read-only: Read data from billing to Growhold. When integrated, your user tracking customer details are enriched with monetary values, conversion details and other payment related information, such as credit card expiration which allows you to create early notifications for your users or sales team.

Subscription model is built from two elements:

  • Plan defines the template of subscription. In Stripe for example you create products and inside product you define prices. These prices are your plans. By default Growhold syncs only the plans that are used in subscriptions, therefore you might not see all your plans at the beginning when sync is enabled.
  • Subscription is built from a plan. It can follow plan's pricing, or it can vary it according to subscription details. Subscriptions consists of periods, which varies typically from monthly to annual. Each period might vary the pricing if needed. To see this, open any of the subscriptions and check the periods.

Multiple currencies are handled with following settings:

  • Currency for client and vendor can be different. This means that your main currency (which is set under Setup / Customize) for metrics, sales reports and other internal activities is in one currency such as USD, and you might sell products and services in EUR amounts. Subscription provides options to define this.
  • Currencies are automatically kept up-to-date as provided by API. We sync the currency details approximately four times per day.
  User’s guide to Growhold


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