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Segments with query language

Account, user, event and subscription objects can be segmented for further analysis and automation. This means that you might for example identify the characteristics of your most important key users and then see from one list who matches to this segment today.

You will find the query language box from top of the object listing pages. Some examples of query language:

  • Sign-up trial users from Australia: primary = true and country = 'Australia' (from Trial User)
  • Recently seen client accounts: lastseen > -14d (from Converted Account)
  • Credit card expires in next one month: cardexpires < 28d (from Converted Account)
  • Australia or US clients with activity within past month: (country = 'Australia' or country = 'United States') and lastseen > -28d (from All Accounts)

It's a simple feature, but with countless amount of practical applications. An object can belong to more than one segment at the time (consider this as in set theory of mathematics).

  • Pin segments to your personal dashboard to follow the users that you are interested in. This is done by selecting or creating a segment and then clicking the "pin" icon next to the screen.
  • Create an automation rule for a segment. Each segment can have one or more automation rules, which trigger actions such as email sending, task assignments or Zapier data sync across third party applications such as your favourite CRM (Pipedrive, Insightly, Salesforce and many others).
  • Score your trial or customer accounts with segment scoring. Each segment can have a score which defines the value of this match. For example you might create one segment of trial users who has more than five user sessions (let's say 5 points) and another segment for users who has invited their team to try your app (let's say another 5 points). If account matches to both of these, it is worth of 10 points. You can use this in search queries to define even further segments.
  • Target your customer success and sales activities based on user's behaviour. Your customer success managers or sales people can create user event or other segments to alarm if client is slipping away or perhaps becoming more active in certain areas.

Please remember: The more your developers are able to provide user events via tracking, the better segmentation you are able to create. If you are unsure how to get started or use segments in your everyday work, please contact us and we can help you.

  User’s guide to Growhold
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