AI-driven analytics for knowledge bases

Growhold's data engine structures, enriches and provides insights into textual information. Import your knowledge base - documents, helpdesk tickets, publications, blogs, articles and more. Gain insights with integrated BI tools or simply prompt to find the detailed answers.

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AI data engine

Growhold analyses your data from sources such as website, Zendesk tickets, Jira issues, Notion pages or Google Docs. With a customized set of content analytic strategies it builds a well-structured data warehouse and a semantic index for contextualized AI prompting.

Analyse and build reports

Develop and integrate


Data warehouse

Extract data from public or private data sources and transform into structured, contextualized and enriched data warehouse.


Business intelligence

Gain insights with your BI tools or prompt for answers. All prompt results include references to the best matching sources.


Actionable data

All data is made fully available in Google BigQuery datasets. Access directly with the most popular integration platforms and APIs.

Real-time stream of data across selected sources into one data warehouse.

Content is structured and categorized by using artificial intelligence.

Insights and feed can be personalized according to your preferences.

Access with your favourite analytic tools or make queries via console or API.

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