Data for Web3 creators and professionals

Growhold provides structured and enriched data across Web3 industry and public blockchains. Our datasets in Google BigQuery are used by business analysts, product creators and investors who need to gain insights into Web3 projects, sectors or ecosystem.

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Industry Dataset

Find out trends and signals from crypto reports, news and discussions. Analyse the market or investigate and follow your preferred topics.

DAO Dataset

Invetigate how DAO market is growing and how specific DAOs are evolving. Learn who are the biggest DAO owners and how they use their power.

Ethereum Dataset

Gain insights into Ethereum by making queries into decoded and indexed event data from over 100.000 unique smart contracts and projects.


Real-time indexing from both on-chain and off-chain data sources.

On-chain data is enriched with asset descriptions and USD daily market prices.

Off-chain data is structured and indexed by using artificial intelligence.

Access Google BigQuery datasets with your favourite BI and API tools.

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