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Take a full control and advantage of your user profiles and customer data without losing the end user’s data privacy. Growhold gives you the tools for customer data enrichment, segmentation and automation.

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Hi! Growhold is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) designed with for SaaS, B2B subscriptions, eCommerce, membership websites and overall data-driven products out there πŸš€ Join our journey by reading blog, Twitter or Reddit posts about customer data and product development! You can also contact our founder @tanninenco and have a chat πŸ‘
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Connect sources such as user tracking or billing to feed Growhold with customer data. Define user segmentation with saved queries and trigger actions across connected apps.









Unified and enriched customer data

Data is automatically enriched after it's pulled to Growhold. This can bring you over one hundred new customer data fields that are available for queries, segmentation and connected apps such as CRM or marketing tools.

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Segmentation with queries

Growhold provides a query language to group user tracking events, user profiles and customer accounts. Queries can be saved as segments which are available for automation and metrics.

Automation with rule engine

Schedule triggers for emails, assignments, campaings or workflows across connected apps. Rules are applied for defined user segments to automate actions based on user’s behaviour.

Events triggered across connected apps









Automated triggers can push data events to marketing campaigns, onboarding processes, sales activities, CRM, order processing and more.

Customer data as a service - with data privacy in mind

User tracking
Track user events and create profiles
Merge customer data and users under accounts
Combine sales data from recurring billing
Group events, users and accounts with queries
Rule engine
Automate processes with scheduled triggers
Set data sources and trigger actions beyond Growhold
Get insight into your business with customized overview
Rate customers based on their behaviour and properties
Combine sales and user data into unified metrics
Data centers
Choose a local data center to keep all data close and safe
GDPR & ePrivacy
Print user tracking reports to fulfill data privacy regulations
Respect your users’ privacy with cookieless user tracking

Connect with Zapier to over 2000+ apps or use direct integrations.

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Plans that scale with your product

Plans are based on monthly tracked users (MTU) and data enrichment features. You may track logged-in app users as well as anonymous website visitors.
Package price per month
500 users 2.000 users 8.000 users 20.000 users 50.000 users More? Call us!
$ 50
$ 100
$ 250
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We are a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, SaaS experts and super-powered software developers. Our award winning enterprise software services are trusted by thousands of businesses across the world every day.

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