Tap into Ethereum on-chain data

Growhold is a data warehouse for Web3 network and blockchain activity analytics. We are currently launching our first fully decoded Ethereum datasets in Google BigQuery. Sign up to gain the early adopter access for $ 95 per month.

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For analysts

Gain insights into Ethereum. Use your preferred analytic tools that work with BigQuery, such as Google Data Studio or Power BI.

For developers

Make queries into decoded and indexed Ethereum data. Integrate directly with Google BigQuery or use ecosystem API services.

For enterprises

Access open data across mainnet Ethereum or pull data from an enterprise Ethereum network into private BigQuery datasets.


More than 5 billion transaction calls and log events from over 3 million deployed smart contracts in the Ethereum Mainnet.

Data is enriched with asset descriptions and technical metadata for over 300.000 named unique smart contracts.

Payloads of the smart contract function calls and log events are decoded with over 100.000 published unique ABIs.

All transfers of publicly listed 10.000 coins and tokens are made available for queries with USD daily market prices.

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